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Heavy Rotation

Posted in Uncategorized by Alejandro Perez on June 16, 2008
Just a taste of whats currently playing heavy on the ipod.

Theres’ a lot more just don’t feel like spamming!

ps: The happening was trash. Save your money.


Few Things

Posted in Life by Alejandro Perez on June 12, 2008

The Rundown:
1. Logged on today, seen that I broke the 1k views mark hah! Much appreciated & big ups to my handful of readers,lmao
2. No I didnt go out and buy Seeing Sounds…been rocking on my ipod for 2 weeks now. ;]
3. Fuck Lil’ Wayne
4. Complex magazine finally came in…niggas take OD long!
5. The past couple of days have been damn near unbearable. Mother Nature: Chill the fuck out!
but as much as I hate it….got mad love for this heat wave. lol

::reminisces to the 90’s::

my holy grail soaker as a kid…the monster XL!


Posted in Uncategorized by Alejandro Perez on June 4, 2008

90’s Hip-Hop greats Black Moon & The Pharcyde catching flight, Sons looked crazy lifted!

::reminisces to the 90’s::


Posted in Life, Photography by Alejandro Perez on June 2, 2008

Weekend was chill, watched The Strangers got stuck watching it from like 5th row. OD close to the screen, had me buggin’so halfway through the movie decided to post up by the entrance =/. Overall the movie was buns, only thing I was diggin’ was their Masks. Saturday was pretty chill went to the club, ran in to some familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a min. mellowed out posted up…& threw some back while niggas decided to get rowdy in there,shit escalated quickly & people cought the boot. Kept it moving. Sunday BBQ’D it up with some old friends in Brooklyn, weather on point & the whole scene was crazy chill. Good way to close out the month of May, so far June is looking up as well is the summer months!

Broke out my cam & snapped some random shit, peep: