Alejandro Perez – Behind The Lens

Few Things…

Posted in fashion, Life, Photography by Alejandro Perez on July 25, 2008
  • The Dark Knight = 5 MICS! 2hrs and 30mins very well spent. If you haven’t already heard shits a MUST WATCH. Came from from watching it friday and bought IMAX tickets for this weekend. Yea it’s that serious.
  • WATCHMEN trailer looks bonkers! (I’ve never read a DC Watchmen comic in my life,but this looks fuckwitable! lol). Will be in there for that.
  • Shot a wedding this past weekend along with another photog. Something I’ve never done before and was kinda nervous, shit was mos def a learning experience. I can definitely see myself doing photography work on the side. Hopefully ill have up some photos soon. (being processed atm)
  • PROJECT show was pretty dope, the quality of women in the building was unlike anything I’ve seen recently…straight model chicks roaming the grounds :evil. As for clothing; DID see a few solid Japanese Brands on the come up that ill keep an eye out in the near future. 16 oz. RAW Selvedge denim at reasonable prices FTW!! lol
  • And WTF is going on with this shitty weather all of a sudden. Another heat wave for this weekend would be greatly appreciated!

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