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Perfect fit

Posted in fashion, Life, Misc. by Alejandro Perez on September 30, 2008
  • Raw selvedge denim, hemmed
  • 4 weeks non stop wear
  • solid honey combs coming along
  • about 1 inch stretch after break in
  • hot water soak…30 min
  • 3/4 inch shrinkage
  • A LOT MORE wear to go this pair.
Hot Water Soak

Damp Selvedge


Perfect fitting denim FTMFW.


Posted in Art, Misc. by Alejandro Perez on September 25, 2008

Used BMW

AIDS Awareness

Daft Punk X Lincoln MKS
Solid advertising/marketing departments.

On this day we become legendary…

Posted in Art, Photography by Alejandro Perez on September 24, 2008

(not actual still photo….but a screen capture from the video, incredible!)

Vincent Laforet is at it once again…This time showing off the amazing full 1080p HD video capabilities of the newly announced Canon EOS 5D MKII. I’ve been following his moves since his initial post on his blog teasing & stating that shit was about to go down,and yo I got hyped! The final edit was released and published on his site and so as Canons’ site last night. Here’s the making of the short film, if you wanna see how shit was done.

The final product of the short film can be viewed on his website here: Reverie


WE in there!

Posted in Uncategorized by Alejandro Perez on September 23, 2008

I’ll watch it NO DOUBT, but hmm…I hope it ain’t a very shallow depiction of his life. Like all the big events that we already know about. We’ll see.


Posted in Life by Alejandro Perez on September 23, 2008

I don’t follow TV series at all, but Heroes….this , this I fucks with! The long overdue season 3 started today. The shows’ been greatness from launch and hopefully the pace keeps up.
Plus these ladies makes it even more worth watching.

Diana Ramirez | Hayden Penettiere | Kristen Bell