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Im cool fam, you wont see me "tweeting"

Posted in Life by Alejandro Perez on March 19, 2009

…This Twittersphere is nothing new to me, Everybody that knows me knows how I despise this whole twitter networking thing. BUT I have to admit this shit gets to you. I don’t get to update this blog as much as I’d like to nowadays. No doubt I’m just as caught up as the next guy if not more, there’s just not enough hours in the day to sit here and compose a post worth posting about when by the time I do so, shits been out there already. Especially because good content only has a certain shelf life, before it get’s stale or before other blogger’s are like “Oh, he’s just seeing this shit now?” Cmon’ now fam, Im a busy guy. lol. FUCK IT


Twitter allows me to take you stalkers along for my daily fuckeries and random hiatus. So yea im on there. I probably won’t follow you but FOLLOW ME. 🙂

but of course theres NO need for this, ANY of this…

I can’t live and hold the camera…

Blogging takes up way too much fucking time, it is way too much high maintenance and I’m not getting paid for this shit. I’m on a computer all fucking day, all fucking night, the last thing I want to do when I get off the computer and get home is get back on this shit and blog away about shit you probably already read with a little bit of my input.
As goes with the blog game. It’s either sit here, blog my life away for your reading pleasures, copy and paste a bunch of shit that you can definitely find on 100 other blogs and twitter, update you on every little thing that happens in the world while you’re out living life…or stick to the mother fucking script…become one of THE GREAT ONES.” – KLEP ONE.

With that said… to My followers I SEE YOU 😉
I’ll still be updating this when I can


While you were sleeping…

Posted in Life, Photography by Alejandro Perez on March 19, 2009

Wrapped up a small shoot for 21-7’s upcoming issue 3 this past weekend.Be on the Look out!

Hiatus time.

Posted in Life by Alejandro Perez on March 13, 2009

…I’ll brb

Underlying Feeling.

Posted in Life by Alejandro Perez on March 10, 2009

The Panoramic Project

Posted in Photography by Alejandro Perez on March 8, 2009

Much props to fellow NT member. Mr.Fongstarr.