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Posted in fashion, Life, Photography, Street Etiquette by Alejandro Perez on January 29, 2010

You might of heard of these guys. When Joshua reached out to me to be involved in a video project he was working on with the homie TONE….I was more than down to be a part of it. The project called for a whole day of shooting, spanning from their home turf in the Bronx to ->Harlem->SoHo & then ended up in  the Brooklyn Circus shop. Inspiring day to say the least, what better to be surrounded by focused individuals with a positive message.  Good chemistry & good vibes are what producing great imagery is all about. I’m glad they trust my vision to deliver what they’re about, & this weekend we link up for a studio session to create more magic for 2010. STAY TUNED…

Some visuals from the Genesis of Style Project:

One of my images caught air time in one of the most respected photo blogs around,  Juntin R. Saunders


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