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Posted in Life, Photography by Alejandro Perez on July 29, 2010

Mexico born, New York bred, it is almost as if a Canon camera fell into his lap. Showcasing his natural and explicit eye through his crisp, sharp, clean images; you will find out soon that Alejandro Perez is precisely that. At just 20 years young, Perez is steadily becoming a photographer of class. As he sees it, “…subject, lighting, and myself in sync. The camera is just there to capture it.” Prudently committing to collaborations with respectable artists and definite diversity, the confirmation is in the image. In addition to a new website, and more stupendous projects lined up, Perez’ strive for seamlessness becomes more apparent with each click…

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Big thanks to the 21-7 Magazine familia.



Posted in Life by Alejandro Perez on July 26, 2010

On any given day there are literally dozens upon dozens of piles of things that I just don’t have time for.

It could be a pile of cables I still haven’t put away, a pile of bills I don’t want to pay, or a pile of smart water that my work desk has collected throughout the week.

But, digitally, it’s a whole other world. The piles are invisible when you close the program that said pile lives in.

My RSS reader proposed that I had “28,653 unread items.” Which was equivalent to it saying that I would eventually read those items. I’m not sure who the joke is on, but it’s either go through make image selections  or read RSS items.

The past 2 years I haven’t cleared out my RSS reader to zero. Today I did… with the assistance of the delete key.

Zero RSS subscriptions? That’s ludicrous. Being connected has a price. TIME

Maybe I’ll even update this & other sites I have my hands on more often.

Now I wish I could just throw away these bills….


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Finding balance

Posted in Life by Alejandro Perez on July 5, 2010

You’ll have to do it one day or another. You’ll know when you have to…