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Posted in Life by Alejandro Perez on July 26, 2010

On any given day there are literally dozens upon dozens of piles of things that I just don’t have time for.

It could be a pile of cables I still haven’t put away, a pile of bills I don’t want to pay, or a pile of smart water that my work desk has collected throughout the week.

But, digitally, it’s a whole other world. The piles are invisible when you close the program that said pile lives in.

My RSS reader proposed that I had “28,653 unread items.” Which was equivalent to it saying that I would eventually read those items. I’m not sure who the joke is on, but it’s either go through make image selections  or read RSS items.

The past 2 years I haven’t cleared out my RSS reader to zero. Today I did… with the assistance of the delete key.

Zero RSS subscriptions? That’s ludicrous. Being connected has a price. TIME

Maybe I’ll even update this & other sites I have my hands on more often.

Now I wish I could just throw away these bills….


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