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It’s the little things.

Posted in design, electronics, Life by Alejandro Perez on September 24, 2010

In July 2002, Appled filed a patent for a “Breathing Status LED Indicator” (No. US 6,658,577 B2). They described it as a “blinking effect of the sleep-mode indicator in accordance with the present invention mimics the rhythm of breathing which is psychologically appealing.

The average respiratory rate for adults is 12-20 breathes per minute, which is the rate that the sleep-indicator light fades in and out on most Apple laptops. Older models such as the Macintosh PowerBook, however, use a blinking LED indicator, with discrete pulses in one-second intervals. Pure design.

Making those late night image selections via the comforts of my bed, passing out and then waking up mid slumber…& the only visual is of the indicator and yourself in sync at that very moment. To evoke such feeling…Powerful.


Morning + Delight

Posted in Art, Photography by Alejandro Perez on September 23, 2010

Sidenote: Shooting at daybreak is harder than I had initially imagined, a point where there was soft morning sun to work with then quickly making the shift to harder direct sunlight. Paired with a great subject in front…makes working through these things look seamlessly.

If you already haven’t already checked out the beautiful Katerina Smotrich in the Mornig + Delight series, view here:

*Img dump

Posted in Art, Inspiration by Alejandro Perez on September 16, 2010

Mind, Visual & Soul Stimulants.


Posted in Life by Alejandro Perez on September 11, 2010

Never forget.

At the end of the day, New York is home…