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Final cut…

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I’ve had a fascination with film shorts like so, as of recent. Let’s see where this goes…

Come as you are…

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The 1990’s fashion era was known for many trends, one style that has stuck around for years to come, is the grunge look. Alternative rock groups that began to take over popular music, like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, introduced the youth to an unkept look that read cool. Those musicians weren’t trying to start any trends, they just didn’t really care what they wore. Kurt Cobain was once quoted saying he’d rather be dead than cool. Yet that’s what we love about grunge; that is the exact reason it became what it is today. Many grunge looks come from thrift shops and consist of band tees, flannel shirts, parka jackets, ripped up jeans, worn-in converses, and messy, unwashed hair. This music from 20 years ago, has influenced us in more ways than one. As Nirvana said, “Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach, as I want you to be.”

Issue 13: Come As You Are
Photos by Alejandro Perez
Model: Katerina Smotrich

Ispiration: Nirvana 90’s Grunge

Laretta Houston

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When I started doing photography, Laretta Houston was one of the first photographers who I stumbled upon whose images  out to spoke in ways most didn’t. Nothing but inspiration to me…very graceful & well executed images and subjects, her post processing techniques along with lighting were pure genius.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet the mastermind behind the lens, found out via her Twitter (Incredibly wise person as well, follow! ) that she was going to be in NYC for a limited time. I was honored to be able to watch Laretta behind the lens & all that goes on behind the scenes of a fast paced Laretta shoot. Upon walking into the midtown studio I could already hear the electronic music bumping from the set (which personally I’m a big fan of), that in itself was a indication of the pace she conducts herself at. There was a team of make up artists and hair on set who had to tend to which seemed an army of agency represented models throughout  the day, She was courteous enough to allow me to spectate & snap some behind the scenes photos from her shoot. Through my perspective…

The mastermind behind the lens Laretta Houston.

Sewn From The Soul

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Sewn From the Soul is an online editorial project brought to light by seven friends who have all collaborated together in order to see a bigger picture; ultimately meshing and intertwining Style and History.  History is important as it gives us the ability to trace back what has occurred previously to help us better direct ourselves to the future. Style contributes to one’s overall character and truly dictates our persona in everything that surrounds us. We all contributed our individual style to this editorial and used a primarily monochromatic palette to assist the Black History Month theme.” –Street Etiquette

Less than 24 hours since Sewn From The Soul has been published & the peoples response to our project has left me speechless…words cant describe how I’m feeling right now. This has truly taken a life of its own. Just comes to show the power when creative minds combine to birth such thing. Overwhelming.

What people may or may not know  is that we shot this on the afternoon of Jan 3oth. That being roughly 2 weeks ago. We were immensely pressed for time considering everyone’s hectic schedule on top of  February being a short month. We wanted to give our audience/readers the full effect of our concept, This was a collaborative project…. once the photos left my  lab they went straight to the flash animators’ who had to compose & interlace the audio the photos to what you see in the editorial & then finally into the Street Etiquette team to piece everything together for the blog. It’s all a group effort, if one falls behind; we all do…domino effect. We made sure we all stayed afloat understanding the task at hand. A few Sleepless nights (like i sleep anyways), days filled with lots of caffeine  & countless hours consumed by Photoshop & final cut. but reading/seeing peoples reaction after viewing our end product makes it all worth while. It’s one of the things that keeps me going….

What my desktop was roughly resembling for the time til release, processing these images…This project is sewn into my soul.

I’ll be back to deliver some more words regarding behind the lens details.

This is just the beginning..